Digital ID Subscriber Agreement

State Of Illinois Digital ID Subscriber Agreement

Subscribers must read this subscriber agreement before applying for, accepting, or using a State of Illinois Digital ID. If you do not agree to the terms of this subscriber agreement, a Digital ID will not be issued in your name.

This subscriber agreement will become effective on the date you submit the certificate application to the designated State Registration Authority (RA). By submitting this Subscriber Agreement (and certificate application) you are requesting that the State RA issue a certificate to you and are expressing your agreement to the terms of this Subscriber Agreement.

The State of Illinois Public Certification Services are governed by the State of Illinois Certificate Policy (the “CP”) and Certification Practice Statement (the “CPS”) as amended from time to time, which are incorporated by reference into this Subscriber Agreement. The State Registration Authority provides limited warranties, disclaims all other warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, limits liability, and excludes all liability for incidental, consequential, and punitive damages as stated in the CP.

Subscribers agree to use the certificate and any related registration authority services only in accordance with the CP and CPS.

You as a subscriber demonstrate your knowledge and acceptance of the terms of this subscriber agreement by submitting an application for a certificate to State of Illinois Certificate Authority, and by using the certificate.

Subscriber Obligations

Subscribers are obligated to:

  • Make true representation regarding information in their certificates; and other identification and authentication information;

  • Use certificates exclusively for legal and authorized State business, consistent with the applicable State of Illinois Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statement;

  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent any compromise, modification, loss, disclosure, or unauthorized use of their private keys;

  • Protect their associated Digital ID user password;

  • Upon issuance of a Digital ID naming the applicant as the Subscriber, review the Digital ID to ensure that all Subscriber information included in it is accurate, and to expressly indicate acceptance or rejection of the Digital ID;

  • Inform the State Registration Authority or appropriate Local Registration Authority within 48 hours of a change to any information included in their certificate or certificate application request;

  • Inform the State Registration Authority or appropriate Local Registration Authority within 8 hours of a suspected compromise of one/both of their private keys; and

  • Rightfully hold private keys corresponding to public keys listed in certificate.

  • Review changes to State Policies by checking for future updates on this web site (

The Subscriber agrees that they have read this agreement and have maintained a copy of it and will abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement.