Digital ID Registration and Recovery


The registration process for State of Illinois Digital IDs begins here for all users, both Illinois residents and out-of-state users.

Reset Password

Are you unable to recall your Digital ID user name or password? To begin the password recovery process, choose one of the following options.

If you registered for your State of Illinois Digital ID using an Illinois driver's license or ID card, choose Illinois residents.

Otherwise, choose All other users.

Digital ID Support

Web: Report Problems


Customer Service Center (CSC)
  • Springfield: 217-524-DoIT (217-524-3648)
  • Chicago: 312-814-DoIT (312-814-3648)

Standard Support Service Hours
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Select option 1 (computer related issue) and then choose option 2 (Digital ID support). Please respond by saying, “This is concerning a Digital ID.”